It’s been a while …

Wel, well, well…I have been pretty busy working on a lovely collection called : « 1,2,3 princesses  » for a french Editor playbac

I started to work on this collection in July 2014 and since then 10 books have emerged

Jade, Manon and Léa are 3 friends who share a secret: when pronounced the formula Une, deux, trois..Princesses à tout-va  They find themselves in an instant in the kingdom princesses!

Jade :Joyfull and reckless, she is always the first to go on an adventure

Manon : the shyest one is also the most courageous when its time to defend her friends

Léa :is wise and clever, she finds solutions to all problems

Here are the albums

(for kids from 4 to 7 years old )

album-1 album-2 album-3 album-4